Landowners appeal for govt’s help


A GROUP of landowners is asking the Huon Gulf district administration and Morobe government to assist them log their timber before mining starts.
The Morom landowners are from Lower Watut in Wampar on the border with Langimar in Aseki, Menyamya.
Leaders of clans from Morom, Maralina, Uruf and Mafanazo have made submissions to MP Ross Seymour urging the provincial government and the district administration to mobilise the landowners and provide logging machines.
Morom village leader Yaking Ben and Maralina leader Henok Andrew compiled a timber project profile over exploration license (EL) 1369 and EL 1704 at Morom and Maralina respectively. Ben said exploration conducted earlier by two mining companies was halted because of forest and environment destruction.
“We are not against the development on our land. Our concern is to get ourselves organised and log the timbers first to allow for mining activities,” Ben said.
Andrew said: “We expect Morom mine prospect to be the biggest like Wafi-Golpu project but further exploration can reveal the value of the minerals deposit yet to be mined.”

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