Landowners praised


A LAWYER has commended the initiative by landowners to take land they own under the Reformed Land Act 2009.
John Gesling, principal managing director and lawyer for Promised Inheritance Consultancy Legal Services Limited in East New Britain, said this during the launching of the Masi Incorporated Land Group in Lihir, New Ireland last Friday.
Gesling, a former magistrate and a land advocate, paid tribute to those who had fought in the battle which seemed to have no end.
He said the chairman of the Masi ILG, Peter Suar had spoken about taking back the land in Lihir from foreigners.
Gesling commended the Masi clan for registering their ILG which was the first step in taking back something that had been lost.
He said the second step was the voluntary customary land registration so that they could have the title.
These two processes came simultaneously.
“However that is a big tall call and the situation and circumstances will place itself and if there is a need, then the court will make the ultimate decision in relation to issues,” Gesling said.

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