Landowners want to be involved


Regarding the Government’s K3 billion UBS loan, as landowners, this is our position:
1. Any dealings without landowner participation is null and void. We are warning the state and political heads of this country not to mess around with our resources. PNG is very rich and yet our people are very poor because the state is mis-representing the landowners and making deals without the landowners’ knowledge.
2. We are reminding the state not to mortgage our resources. Gulf people want maximum benefit from all their resources. The State is benefiting too much from our resources like forestry, fisheries and oil and gas.
3. Elk/Antelope is not for sale by political leaders. Our leader must always protect our interests and the resources of this nation.
4. If not participation, then the state and developers can get your piece of papers, licences and get out of our land.

Dominic Evere
Muro Pawaea Holding
(Papua LNG project)

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