Lands awards 23 tittles to NCD

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THE Lands Department has awarded 23 land tittles to National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop to develop land for public use and recreational purposes.
They include the Gordon Market, Unagi Oval, Apex Park in Boroko, East Boroko Park Reserve, East Boroko Market, Kaugere Oval, Hohola Ridgetop, June Valley Park, Tokarara Park, Gerehu Gebone Street Park, Gerehu Stage 6 and Stage 7 park, NCC Park, Erima Park and the Baruni landfill.
The Baruni landfill alone has five titles.
Minister for Lands Justin Tkatchenko said it was the first step taken to protect public land and to ensure public spaces were developed for people to use.
Parkop said the NCDC had been waiting for a long time to get the titles.
“I am very pleased to receive these tittles as they will help to develop the lands for public use,” he said.
“People in the city now can sleep in peace without worrying that their public parks will be stolen and developed for business opportunities,” he said.
Parkop said the land belonged to the people and he would continue to ensure that land was developed for recreational and public use.

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