Lands Dept’s plan to remove frauds well underway

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The Department of Lands and Physical Planning’s fraud and complaints unit has received about 40 formal complaints already since opening its doors on Monday.
Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko told The National that 40 complaints within three days of the opening was a good feedback.
Tkatchenko said the complaints that the department received would be assessed independently by the audit unit staff.
“I am happy because the unit actually works and finally we have genuine complaints coming through the department.
“We only opened on Monday and yet the number of complaints shows that there are many issues to be dealt with in this department.”
Tkatchenko said the special fraud and complaints unit was set up within the department consisted of independent people from outside the department.
He said the department reactivated the fraud and complaints unit on Monday.
The audit unit had been in existence for four years but was non-functional.
He said the unit was not a witch hunt but would rectify and change the perception of the department.
A member from the Public Services Commission will be engaged to monitor all complaints about any staff member in the department.
He said there would be an independent lawyer who would assess and put all the documentation together.

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