Lands project to begin operation following release of K1.8 million

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THE Lands and Physical Planning Department can now get its land and geographical information system project operating with the release of K1.8 million to pay an Australian company which set it up.
The system will store department records such as land titles electronically plus other functions of the department.
Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko, pictured, said the department would use the billing system to generate revenue.
He said TechologyOne Limited, the Australian enterprise software company, had signed the deed of release and accepted the terms and conditions.
It had set up the system but it was stalled pending the payment of the K1.8m it was owed.
Tkatchenko said company officials would be in the country next week to start the refresher course and fix up issues “and we will have the system fully operational and back on track again”. “It clearly shows how important it is to get the system back on track because it affects a lot of the Lands department’s functions,” he said.
Tkatchenko said a taskforce was in place, and all the titles and documents would be registered, recorded and scanned electronically.
The billing system will be up and running as well.
“We can now start billing and recording our revenue coming in through the task force,” Tkatchenko said.

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