Lands stops development

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THE Department of Lands and Physical Planning has stopped any further development work on the land encroaching the reserve storm waterway drainage on Wards Road in Port Moresby.
Lands Minister Benny Allan said the National Capital District  Physical Planning Board had approved the proposed development in 2010 without proper assessment of the site, taking into consideration development over the drainage.
“When we see the development taking place, everyone is saying that the Lands Department had given approval for this development.”
“It’s the NCD Physical Planning Board that gives approval to any development that’s happening.
“We only issue titles. So we want to put the record straight. It’s not the department who had given approval to the development.”
Acting secretary Tiri Wanga said the control mechanism was the Physical Planning Act. NCD has the sole power to assess and monitor the development taking place.
He said under the Land Act and Physical Planning Act, no lease should be granted or a land occupied or building not consistent with the Act.
Wanga said the title was issued over the drainage but the  survey plan did not show it.
“This development comes to a halt and to take a remedial action, we have published the compulsory acquisition notice,” he said.
“That means that we compulsorily acquire the drainage easement reserve that is in there, whether he likes it or not.
The investor must pull back his developments or demolish it.”

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