Lands unit to secure public spaces


Minister for Lands and Physical Planning Justin Tkatchenko and National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop jointly announced the establishment of the a Land Advisory Unit last Friday.
The advisory unit which comprises officers from the Lands Department and NCDC has been set up to secure all public spaces and land in the capital.
The unit members include NCD design engineer Ravu Frank, Kenneth Atasoa from NCD physical planning, August Ravi from NCD projects, Amanda Binoka (physical planning manager), Simon Bendo from the division of  alienated land, Jack Bakus, Southern region surveyor, Harry Madawadi from State Leases, Jason Komet from compliance, Vele John from records and Vahu Morata, customary landowner representative.
Tkatchenko said it was all about working together to ensure that all the land in cities throughout the country were preserved.
The NCDC audit unit will secure all public spaces including road reserves, drainage resources, schools, health clinics, parks and gardens and sports facilities for the city residents’ day to day lives.
“This unit will title all public land spaces in the city under NCDC once and for all; let’s not fight a battle any more,” Tkatchenko said.
“It will title all public spaces in NCDC so a legacy is left from Powes Parkop and NCD management knowing that all public land is secure for their future,” he said.
Tkatchenko said this NCD Land Advisory Unit would be used as a model for similar committees to be set up for all major provincial centres.
“We are starting with NCDC first because it is an easy one to do and also it’s been the most controversial and outstanding.
“Once we complete National Capital District we will move to Lae then to Kokopo, Mt Hagen, Goroka and the other centres in the country.”

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