Landslide cuts part of highway


TRAFFIC movements along the Daulo Pass section of the Highlands Highway in Eastern Highlands were disrupted yesterday after a major landslide cut half of the highway off following continuous heavy rain in the area.
Eastern Highlands police commander Supt Alex N’Drasal confirmed the traffic disruption but has deployed police to monitor movements of traffic and commuters.
“Half of the road was cut off by landslide, vehicles are using only half of the road, policemen are closely monitoring the traffic and movement of vehicles and trucks,” he said.
N’Drasal warned opportunists and villagers to help the police and allow smooth passage of vehicles and passengers, anyone caught harassing others will be dealt with accordingly.
He also warned motorists, passengers and PMV operators not to travel the Daulo Pass section of the highway during heavy rain and at nights.
N’Drasal said it was too risky to travel the section because mud slides and landslides were likely to occur and cut off access that would leave vehicle and passengers stranded in between.
According to reports from passengers, two landslides occurred at Finoku near Watabung and Ongomnumpa just below the Daulo Pass summit.
A traveller, Jerry Kimam, said half of the road was closed and vehicles are passing through using half of the road still intact.
“If heavy rain continues, the road will be completely cut off to traffic,” he said.
The section of the highway between Asaro to Mangio via Daulo Pass and Watabung is prone to landslides and mudslides during continuous heavy rains.

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