Laser treatment for kidney stones available at PIH


The Pacific International Hospital (PIH) in Port Moresby in partnership with a urology specialist hopes to make the endoscopic removal of kidney stones using laser lithotripsy  – using a laser to break up the stones – an established procedure in the country.
Visiting Indian urology specialist  Dr Lionel Ganaraj, who is here for a week, said such a procedure which is performed everywhere else in the world would save the cost of patients travelling overseas to seek such treatment, if it was established in the country.
Dr Ganaraj said one of the reasons why he came was because PIH has supplied some instruments to make the procedure possible.
Endoscopic removal of kidney stones involves the use of laser lithotripsy to break up the stones and does not require any surgery.
Pacific International Hospital chief executive officer Col Sandeep Shaligram said the laser equipment, currently available at the hospital, was a facility that was available in only leading hospitals around the world such as in Singapore, Philippines and Thailand.
He said this was an opportunity where PIH invited one of the top doctors in the field to conduct the procedure and urged the public to utilise such specialised equipment and expertise.
Shaligram  said the laser equipment was bought at a very high cost and the number of patients needing the treatment to remove kidney stones would justify the cost of the procedure.

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