Late Lady Kaludia was a becon of light: Chan


NEW Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan has described late Lady Kaludia Matane as a “beacon of light” when expressing his condolences to Grand Chief Sir Paulias Matane and his family.
He said Lady Kaludia was a beacon of light in the family. She built a prominent and successful career path through her standards.
He said Sir Paulias had contributed to the development of the country for many years.
Sir Paulias was the Secretary for Business Development, Secretary for Foreign Affairs, PNG’s envoy to the United Nations and was the former governor-general of Papua New Guinea.
Sir Julius said their close walk together and success through the years demonstrated a message of true partnership and teamwork to build a nation on the basis of their loyalty to the country.
Lady Kaludia died on Dec 19 and was layed to rest at the family home at Viviran village on Tuesday.
The customary tradition of sharing shell money concluded the burial ceremonies at the end of last week.
“Lady Kaludia was a respected woman at various circles as one that propagated a better place for families and citizens,” Sir Julius said.
“I hope you (Sir Paulias) can draw comfort from the knowledge that your wife was a woman deeply respected by her friends and peers to make this nation a better place for our families and citizens.
“She has set a standard for all women in PNG.”
Sir Paulias and Lady Kaludia visited New Ireland in 2014 where Sir Paulias was recognised as a chief.

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