Law-breakers, criminals must be handed to police


ALLOW me to express my view about the sports article titled, “Sports violence claims two” in Western Highlands.                                                                                                                                              It is for both parties good that the suspects or murders have been
handed over to the Police.
As a leader you have to exercise the powers which people have vested on you and so what the Giluwe LLG president Michael Mai and the community leaders did was the true exercise of leadership.
Law breakers have no place in the community. They must face the full force of the law.
We must not tolerate such lawless and criminal behaviour.
These kinds of people will continue give headache to the society.
Their rightful place is in the prisons.
I commend councilor Mai and his community leaders for handing over the prime suspects to the police. You have done what it is required of you.
After all, the law must be supreme and peace must prevail at all times.

Joshua K. Dowa
Port Moresby

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