Law, order issues must be fixed before clan-vetting starts: Potape


LAW-and-order issues in Hela have to be sorted out before any clan-vetting exercise is carried out in the province, deputy governor Thomas Potape says.
He told The National yesterday that there was still tension in parts of the province following several deaths and other law-and-order issues.
“There was a big fight which escalated into parts of Nogoli and Komo,” Potape said.
“I know that this fight will have an impact on the clan-vetting exercise and other developments to take place.
“I understand that there will be allocation of funds to have the clan-vetting exercise completed, but there has to be police presence on the ground and law and order should be maintained.
“Leaders have to be on the ground.
“I will be there as well.
“I am happy that the Government had agreed to intervene. I’ve noticed that the PDL 1 (petroleum development license) has been affected. Ninety per cent of that situation has affected Komo LLG.
“Koroba-Kopiago is also affected and Tari-Pori is also affected.
“We have about six blocks. One is at Tari, the other block is at Koroba-Kopiago, the other four blocks are in Komo.
“These six blocks have their own landowner leaders.
“Leaders and police will need to be on the ground to have the issues (law and order) sorted out.
“It should not take more than three months or so to have the issues settled.
“It might take less than four weeks.
“When that is settled, then I am pretty sure clan-vetting exercise will be done without any delay.”

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