Law Society pays tribute to late Justice Davani


THE PNG Law Society has expressed its deepest condolences to the family of the late Justice Catherine Anne Davani (pictured), the country’s first female judge.
Society president Peter Kuman said Davani had played a vital role in developing the legal profession in the country.
“The society (with 1200 members) would not be where it is today without her contributions,” he said.
“On behalf of the members, I say thank you to the family for her contributions.”
Kuman said her death was a great loss to the judiciary and the legal profession.
“From 1995 to March 2001, she served as a member of the lawyers’ statutory committee,” he said.
“From 1998 to March 2001, she was a council member of the PNG Law Society where she contributed to its functioning.
“From Jan 1991 Justice Davani was a member of the law society legal aid committee, a body that decides and deliberates on application for legal aid.
“From 1991 to March 2001, she was the chairperson of the law society’s legal education committee, a body entrusted with the control and coordination of the continuing legal education to develop lawyers in the country.
“From disciplining lawyers to educating them, she was part and parcel of the development of the legal profession.
“We are proud of her achievements.”

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