Lawyers instructed to file proper application


THE Waigani National Court has instructed lawyers to file a proper application to set aside interim orders which restrained a blogger from publishing defamatory remarks against Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.
Justice Derek Hartshorn told lawyers Christine Copland, representing the blogger, Martyn Namarong, and Joel Kaki, representing Gamato, that they would have to file a notice of motion if they wanted to set aside the interim orders.
Justice Hartshorn said the interim orders granted on July 12 did not specify its duration, which meant it would be effective pending the outcome of the substantive matter.
Copland asked the court yesterday to discontinue the interim orders because it had no return date, which was against court rules.
She said the interim orders should be discontinued because the orders, together with the notice of motion filed by Gamato, did not specify the type of defamatory remarks that were allegedly published by her client on social media.
Kaki asked the court to extend the interim restraining orders because his client was currently managing theĀ  election.

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