Lawyers told to submit files on time


DEPUTY Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika has warned lawyers to compile and submit files on time or they will be held in contempt of court.
“Court has a certain responsibility to manage the cases, we cannot go on and on for eternity,” Sir Gibbs told the Waigani National Court yesterday.
Sir Gibbs made the comments after a court order was given on Sept 5 that files on a matter should have been submitted before yesterday.
He told lawyers that if they continued to disobey court orders, there would be serious consequences.
“Orders are orders. They are meant to be complied with,” he said.
The matter was regarding a United Church pastor who was charged with false pretence which involved money totalling K90,000.
It was alleged that Pastor Nou Mase pretended to be the landowner of a customary land, Portion 1074 at Idarobada and Nadibada in Taurama, National Capital District and sold it to a couple.
Mase allegedly received a total of K90,000 from the couple as payment for the land between Jan 3 and Oct 5 last year.
The couple were allegedly chased out of the land by another land group claiming that Mase did not own the land and it was sold illegaly without them knowing.
Sir Gibbs told Mase’s lawyer and State lawyers that the court expected files to be submitted and a trial date would be given on Monday.
He reminded the lawyers not to waste their client’s time going back and forth to court.
Sir Gibbs said it better lawyers obey court orders. Mase is on a K2000 extended bail.

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