Lead by example, department heads told


CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari has urged heads of departments and government agencies to lead by example.
He told them on Friday that all public servants must change their attitudes to work next year.
He said that this was a good time to reflect and make changes for the New Year.
“We are the leader of the public service, we are the people who are out there leading and we have to show a good example in how we conduct ourselves,” Lupari said.
“2017 is going to be a tough year for us and this was reflected in the budget that was passed. It means that we have to make some sacrifices.
“Start looking at 2017 work programme and plan it and deliver the five to 10 plans, got to reasonable yourselves, let’s have an open mind as we enter into 2017.
“The challenge for us is to start thinking of how we are going to address many of the issues before us.
“We are some of the fortunate manpower of the community in PNG, we get paid every fortnight, regardless of our attendance and level of productively. Pay is not measured by our level of productivity.
“Attitude is the biggest problem, it’s got to change and 2017 is going to be different for all of us.
“Many of us complain about pay but we are well paid, we have a decent pay.
“Looking at the salaries from 2010, public servants salaries have increased on average by 55 percent in six years so we should be the last people complaining.
“We are complaining because we are not able to manage our money.

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