Leaders linked to criminals


A SENIOR police officer says some politicians and bureaucrats are being protected by or associate themselves with criminals.
National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi told The National yesterday that he knew who they were.
He said the issue had existed for a long time and was a serious law and order issue.
“They need to do the right thing for themselves first if they are leaders of the country,” Turi said.
“I can name those politicians and senior bureaucrats who are protected by criminals.
“I can name them because they know who they are.”
Turi said it was an issue which the “leaders” had created.
“Leaders have created it themselves and they need to do the right thing,” he said.
Turi said these leaders knew who they were and if they wanted to do the right thing for the country, they should stop the association with criminal elements.
Meanwhile, he said investigative journalism was needed to bring to light certain issues which were eating into the fabric of society.

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