Leaders must lead PNG out of its downfall


IF people think the 2017 election is free and fair, think again. Many evidence has popped up here and there to infer that the election is rigged.
Firstly, the common roll update exercise was a flop because it never eventuated.
If it was, names were removed on random so even prominent people like Peter Yama and others were deleted without care so obviously it was intended that less people would vote.
Secondly, the polling booths were reduced so that the ballot papers intended for the gazetted polling stations were locked away for a particular political party’s candidates to have access to them to manipulate the whole polling system.
PNG is now headed for a guided democracy where a particular political party will manipulated and have its own way to suppress the population.
The right thinking newly-elected Papua New Guineans, if they have a sense of responsibility should stand up against it and lead the nation out of its down fall.

Disadvantaged Candidate

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