Leaders urged to address disputes properly


CENTRAL administrator Gei Raga has urged leaders of two communities to address issues in a civilised manner.
Raga told the Ginigolo and Gabagaba villagers last Friday after three days of land disputes that leaders must stand up to solves problems in a proper manner for the good of the two communities.
He said there were ways in which leaders of its communities could address the issues and not with weapons.
“When I entered the village, I did not see any leader.” he said “The so-called leaders are with weapons, there was no one without weapon.
“This simply shows that there is no leadership in these two communities.
“There are ways to solve these problems. Whatever that they do, we have people there, like the police and the land mediators to deal with such issues.
“What you have done with situation has put the lives of many families in danger.”
Raga encouraged leaders not to be swayed by the youths but to stand firm in controlling them. He said that villagers should see themselves as families and not enemies because there were inter-marriages between the two villages.
“There are inter-marriage between other villagers and Gabagaba village, and this good relationship has to maintain,” he said.
“When we enter your village, who will we see and talk to?
“We have relatives married into your villagers and we are going to come in here to visit them, and the same goes to the other villages.”

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