Leaders urged to stop people selling land


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has urged leaders in Madang to advise their people against selling customary land.
O’Neill said the province was facing an immediate economic boom with the road to Bayer and the Highlands provinces.
He said the Government budget was very tight and was focused on areas that would benefit the people.
“What we are trying is to link the Highlands through Madang,” he said.
“We are now building the Bayer-Madang road through our own funding with support from the Indian government.
“Madang’s economy will immediately boom.
“It will take lot of business away from Lae because transport time from Madang to Mt Hagen is cheaper, costs is cheaper and there are four million people living up there ready to participate in the development.
“People up there eye Madang which has good agricultural land, good transport system and good wharf.”
O’Neill said it was a good opportunity for people in Madang who must not sell their land.
“We must tell our people not to sell the land but register their customary land to maintain continued ownership for future generations to benefit from,” O’Neil said.
“If you start selling land, future for our children is not there.
“Don’t sell the land. You can lease it but don’t sell it.”

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