Leadership skills vital for soldiers


PNG Defence Force Commander Gilbert Toropo has urged soldiers to develop their leadership skills.
He said that during the opening of the monthly service at Murray Barracks yesterday that PNGDF. He said it was an organisation that dealt with human beings where the fundamental aspect of leadership involved individuals.
“ I do not have to put more efforts in to look at work issues, fitness issues, because you are leaders and you know what this organisation will require you to do,” Toropo said.
He said PNGDF was an organisation that had specific cultures of discipline, fitness and professionalism.
“This is an organisation that you can’t go wrong as everyone that occupies positions in this organisation has a duty statement and you will not be told, you will not have to be directed because everything will be stated in there about your roles, duties and responsibilities,” Toropo said.
“So leadership has to start from all of us. We need to consider and improve our professional duties in our line of duty. There are many Papua New Guineans who could have sat in the same seat you are sitting on now. But God has given us this privilege to serve our country and people, be curious in our roles and responsibilities and give the best to our people.”

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