Leave the travellers alone, says Welly


HELA police commander Supt Michael Welly is calling on people living along the Poroma and Nipa section of the Highlands Highway in Southern Highlands to end  harassment, intimidation and looting of travellers.
He made the call after receiving numerous complaints from Hela people of the criminal behaviour almost daily along the road.
Welly said Hela people living at Margarima shared border with the people of Nipa in Southern Highlands and there should be strong ties in respect.
“Hela people have been continually victimised and the reason behind all these unwarranted behaviour is unknown.
“Living along the national highway does not give these ill-minded people the right and authority to be heroes.”
Welly said he understood that the new  police commander for Southern Highlands would take up his post soon and believed he would look into the matter and allow his people travel without fear.
Welly said the Hiri-Lai Road was incomplete and people had no other options but to continue using it.

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