Legal sector developing


Reports by CHARLES MOI
THE legal profession in PNG is developing, acting deputy director of the Legal Training Institute (LTI) David Lambu says.
Speaking at the closing of the fourth Commercial Litigation Workshop at LTI in Waigani last Friday, Lambu said during the pre-independence period many people did not know about law-related issues like torts, breach of contract, and negligence.
“The only cases we knew about were murdering,” Lambu told the 90 LTI trainees,” he said.
“If you kill somebody, the judges will come and kill you.
“That is the mentality and we were really fearful of seeing the judges and the policemen and even the interpreters.”
Lambu told the LTI trainees that past lawyers who came out of the institute did not have the privilege of getting information from such workshops. “What you are being taught is more or less Australian standard,” Lambu said.
He said that commercial litigation was more important due to the ongoing development in PNG, including energy projects and mining.
“I have seen the assignment that you are doing in relation to telecommunication, which is complicated pleading, which no one in PNG would have the experience and knowledge to teach,” Lambu said.
“You are so privileged to at least have the Queensland Bar members coming to teach you how to plead a technical, commercial case transaction. That is the value you should not forget.”
Lambu said he was thankful that Australia was helping to bring the legal standard up to a level that was equivalent to Australia and elsewhere in the world.

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