Library services vital


HUON Gulf MP Ross Seymour has committed K100,000 to the Rural Library Volunteer Services (RLVS) to establish more libraries to improve the standard of education in the district.
Seymour made the commitment during the opening of a RLVS model library at the Zifasing Primary School in Huon Gulf, Morobe, on Tuesday.
He said the commitment was made to establish more libraries in the three LLGs in the district to ensure students have access to reading materials to improve standard of education and produce quality and competitive students.
“There is a decline in providing quality education to students in the Huon Gulf district and equal support is needed from parents, teachers and the Government to ensure students receive quality education,” said Seymour.
“The standard of education in the district has dropped and illiteracy is a major problem among young people in the district and the country and students must be exposed to more reading materials so that they can be able to read, write and speak English at an early age in primary and elementary schools.”
Seymour appealed to community leaders, parents and teachers to take ownership of children’s education and partnering to deliver quality education.

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