Lifestyle programmes get Vatican invitation


THE Yoga for Life and Walk for Life programmes, both of which have had transformative effects on the lives of Papua New Guineans, have been recognised by the Vatican.
The founder of the programmes has been invited to attend the Sport at the ‘Service of Humanity: The First Global Conference on Faith and Sport’ this week at the Vatican in Rome, Italy.
The conference will run from Wednesday to Friday.
The founder of Yoga for Life Fazilah Bazari is among invited guests from around the world who will be attending the conference, with the focus of harnessing the power of sport and using it as a tool for human development.
The Vatican’s official mission is to validate and endorse sport in the service of humanity.
It will develop a declaration of principles and guiding values that express how sport and faith can serve the greater good.
Yoga for Life and Walk for Life programmes have come to the attention of the Vatican, who saw their activities as ones that promote the guiding principles of “sport in the service of humanity”. Although not strictly sporting activities, Yoga for Life and Walk for Life promote physical exercise and well-being.

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