Literacy opens doors in digital world


LITERACY opens the door to everything that we want to have or know, any early childhood teacher in Lae says.
Director of the Gentamo Head Start early childhood learning  centre Haring Qoreka said the country was now moving into the digital world and children, regardless of their abilities, must be literate.
Qoreka was speaking yesterday at the Lae Special Education Centre during an event to mark International Literacy Week.
“Being literate is like having a light in your hand that can help with visibility during the night,” he said.
“When people are literate they have access to almost everything in life and it becomes part of everything you do.
“Life is changing and we are no longer living in our past, rather we are moving into the digital age and everything is more connected with reading, writing and understanding one another.”
Qoreka said parents, teachers and the government have obligations
to see that children were well equipped.
He told the parents that any child who did not have an education must be put in school to understand the basics in reading and writing as this would help them in the future.
He called on the Government to consider inclusive education that would also benefit people living with disabilities.

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