LLG supporting local coffee growers, industry


A LOCAL level government in Rigo district, Central, is buying coffee from villagers to sell at markets to support coffee-growing in the area.
Rigo Inland LLG president Biari Ubuna said Mt Brown, Dorobisoro and Mt Maria villagers had been growing coffee, vegetables and fruits but their biggest problem was transporting their produce to the markets in Port Moresby.
“Coffee is already growing in the area and the only problem is no one is interested to go and encourage the farmers to harvest their produce and sell to local markets,” Ubuna said.
“Thus, the local government decided to buy coffee from the villages in Mt Brown and use our little grants from the national government to resell to potential buyers in the city.”
Last Wednesday, 23 Arabica coffee bags were airlifted by Airborne Logistics from Mt Brown to Port Moresby.
There are 23 more bags awaiting transportation.
Ubuna said the 23 bags were to be sold to Vitis Industries.

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