Local coffee producer ventures into apiculture


HIGHLANDS-based Apo Angra Angna Kange Coffee Cooperative is integrating apiculture (bee keeping) with coffee production.
THE Coffee Industry Corporation handed over bee-hives and honey production equipment and facilities to the Apo Angra Angna Kange Coffee Cooperative in Goroka.
Chief executive officer Charles Dambui said the Government had tasked the CIC to take over apiculture from the Livestock Development Corporation in August 2014.
The CIC formed a partnership in the apiculture industry for honey production and pollination services.
The AAAK cooperative will test the integration project before it is extended to other areas.
AAK Cooperative general manager Brian Kuglame thanked CIC and the Productive Partnership in Agriculture Projects (PPAP) for having confidence in the organisation to try out the new concept.
Kuglame said mineral resources would be gone one day but coffee would still be around.
“The bees are small insects but pollinate not only coffee plants but also food crops as well. The integration and diversification will now allow coffee farmers to get increased production,” he said.
Bulolo MP Sam Basil said the integration was an important approach to increasing production of coffee and honey.
World Bank representative Allan Oliver and PPAP project manager Poitasa Hombunaka supported the approach as a way to increase production among smallholder growers.

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