Local engineers overlooked: PNGEI


LOCAL engineers are being overlooked in terms of promotion by mining and petroleum companies in the extractive industry, according to the PNG Institute of Engineers.
IEPNG board member Benjamin Moaitz said companies in the extractive industry were of the view that local engineers lacked the capacity to be promoted to senior positions.
“There is a need for more PNG engineers to be involved in the mining industry in our country. But there is a perception among mining companies that PNG engineers are inadequately qualified to take up senior positions in middle-management capacities in the mining industry,” Moaitz said.
Moaitz told The National that mining companies brought in engineers from overseas although their policies provided for the capacity building of national staff which was seldom realised.
He said engineers from abroad were recruited by the various companies “to train and up-skill” national engineers. “IEPNG have received an overwhelming response from our members that there are many nationals struggling under this concept and that this matter requires further attention,” Moaitz said.
“Mining companies have their own versions of succession plans and yet many have not been implemented. Sadly such benefits have not been seen by our national engineers today and in the past.”
He said it had forced local engineers to leave mining projects to seek opportunities elsewhere.

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