Local firm aims to improve food quality


A LOCAL company has been set up to provide advice on how to meet food quality and safety standards.
Compliance PNG Limited invited business people in the food and catering industry to a seminar last Monday to introduce what it specialises in.
The firm also up-skills staff on proper food handling and preparation and works with the National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology which gives standards certification.
Managing director Daube Matatia said the firm’s main goal was to improve the standard in the quality and food safety in PNG.
He said many individuals and entities involved in food production and manufacturing did not understand the importance of having a good quality system to ensure that the food they produced was of the best quality and standard.
“Many people avoid kaibars and local eateries because they question the quality of the food and the cleanliness and standards in food preparation,” Matatia said.
“By having a good food quality system in place, small businesses can improve their standards and business in general.
“There are many international certification bodies however they are expensive. So we started to give an opportunity to locals to lift their game. We tailor-made our services to suit the needs and budgets of clients as we understand our people better.”
Entrepreneur Margaret Luku said she was glad she attended the seminar because it helped her understand the importance of meeting standards in food preparation and in ensuring that the food she served to her customers were prepared properly.
“As an entrepreneur that caters traditional Papua New Guinean cuisine, my dream is to someday see PNG cuisine on the global stage, and one way of turning that into reality is improving standard in food preparation and selling,” Luku said.

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