Local women use event to make money


Independence Day anniversary celebrations have opened up business opportunities for some people.
In Lae, the country’s industrial city, women have taken advantage of the occasion by making and selling art and craft items.
The women, who live at Bumbu compound, have made items like traditional head-dresses, armbands, necklaces, wrist bands, baskets and are selling them at the 8-Six Shop at the Top Town area.
Agnes Malipai, one of the vendors, said that most of them were not regular vendors but had capitalised on the anniversary celebrations hype to sell their products to make a little extra money.
For the entrepreneurial mothers, the traditional items were given some touch of independence by including provincial and national colours in their arts and crafts.
Malipai said: “We know that the demand for traditional items are high during independence celebrations so we made these items to sell.
“We have asked the shop owners and they have allowed us to sell our products here.
“We are not regular sellers but we cannot let the opportunity pass-by.”
Malipai said there were 10 women from the Pondo Kanda area in Angoram, East Sepik, who were selling the traditional artefacts.
She said the prices of the items vary and customers who walked past could buy an array of traditional ornaments.

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