Locals damage police vehicles


TWO vehicles belonging to Kagua police were extensively damaged by people from Aiya local level government area in Southern Highlands last Sunday.
Police were on a routine patrol in the Kagua-Erave district when locals from the Aropo clan at Manga village rained missiles on the vehicles resulting in damage that would cost about K120,000 to repair.
However, Southern Highlands provincial police commander Chief Supt Sibron Papoto said an investigation would be carried out to find out who or what triggered the incident.
He said at the moment, information reaching his office was sketchy and a proper investigation would be carried out.
He said he would expect leaders from the Aiya LLG to cooperate and hand over the suspects involved.
He said if police officers were to blame for the incident, they would be dealt with and charged.
“Kagua-Erave is the worst district known for law and order problems and the provincial government has spent so much money to restore peace and yet people do not have respect for state properties.
He said the two vehicles were bought by the provincial government which also invested K10m in police housing in the district and 34 police officers were recruited and and a result peace has been restored in the electorate.
“Most of the police officers are from other provinces and people must respect them. Councillors and community leaders failed to negotiate for peace the same afternoon when the incident occurred,” he said.

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