Locals step up to clean up roadside


PEOPLE living along Kabiufa to the 7-Mile corridor of the Highlands Highway outside Goroka town in Eastern Highlands are taking responsibility to clean up and beautify the roadsides, project initiator Lutie Mateho says.
“This is a community initiative and sets a good example to other people living along other sections of the Highlands Highway and other national highways to take ownership and beautify the roads to ensure the section is in good condition,” he said. Mateho said they made sure the section of highway was safe and clean for travellers.
“As more people from the villages take part in the programme, there will be no roadblocks and criminal activities,” he said.
Mateho said youths patching potholes along sections of the highway and demanding cash from passing vehicles and highway users were becoming an eyesore.
The  Kabiufa to 7-Mile section of the highway will be free of all these illegal activities.
“We are taking these positive steps to change the mindset of the people to know that all the highways must be left free, safe  and in good condition,” he said.
The committee  members are Alfred Gotaha (coordinator), Ipe Apo Kupisili, Michael Kari and Tom Kupusili.
The cleaning up and beautification is done between 6pm and 10pm every Tuesday.

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