Locals told to utilise land


THE Government needs to empower and fund incorporated land groups (ILGs) so that landowners can enjoy full benefits of their land.
This was the message from Lands Minister Benny Allen when he presented eight land titles to the Morobe government at Lae Yacht Club last Friday.
He said landowners can be active players on their land, however, they needed assistance from the Government as the process of incorporating land was very long and expensive.
“Most landowners cannot afford to pay surveyors to survey their land and most cannot travel to Port Moresby to lodge their application and the process is very long so the Government needs to assist them,” he said.
Allen said people should stop the habit of selling their land cheaply and get organised, form groups and get their land incorporated.
He also advised the Morobe government to utilise their land and make revenue for the province and to avoid selling state land.
“Some provincial governments don’t utilise their land well and they sell or transfer land titles to a third party and that is uncalled for,” he said.
He added that Morobe, East New Britain and Central have done well under the new land reform programme compared to other provinces.

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