Locals urged to be active partners in resource development


KIKORI MP Soroi Eoe says the people of Gulf should be partakers and not bystanders in the development of their resources.
Eoe is also the minister for the Department of Youth, Religion and Community Development.
His district hosts the rich oil and gas fields of Gulf.
He told a meeting with development partners in Kerema on Wednesday that it was an issue which affected all government policies.
“We cannot continue to be (only) exporters of raw materials. We must be owners of that raw material, which must be downstream-processed in this country,” he said.
“This is the biggest issue that is confronting this country. We cannot, year-in year-out, talk about economic stability while its growing at a snail’s pace. We should be now looking at the next level.
“We cannot continue to be suppliers.
“We must now look at adding power to that resource.”
Eoe was also concerned about the issue of local content as contracts were awarded to foreign-owned rather than nationally-owned firms.
“We should now be looking at a plan where PNG firms are involved,” he said. “More so if it’s in the Gulf, then Gulf firms should be considered.
“We must come up with a mechanism to keep offshoot businesses within the province and not contracted to outsiders.
“The national content plan must be something that we look at.”

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