Locals urged to utilise skills, knowledge


VOLUNTEER Services Abroad (VSA), New Zealand’s largest volunteer agency, has urged governments in the New Guinea Islands region to fully utilise its services.
Manager Johannes Gambo when addressing an occasion in Kokopo city recently, said the agency was in PNG for many years sharing skills and experience with locals to help them transform lives in their communities.
He said the agency was providing services in the Islands region for 40 years but said there was need for locals to learn, understand, prioritise and run with the skills and knowledge that VSA offered through its volunteering service.
“We work with partners such as government agencies, churches, hospitals or women groups,” Gambo said.
“We look at their needs, their capacity and we help them develop by bringing volunteers from New Zealand to assist these partners in specific areas.”
Gambo said VSA volunteers worked closely with the locals.
“This is so that when they return to their country, the locals will be able to work independently and efficiently with the skills they acquired,” Gambo said.
He said VSA was now focussing on specific areas of need in PNG such as health, education and economic development.

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