Lodge owner in business of rebuilding lives of locals


A LODGE owner in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville is creating employment for local women who, like her, lost their husbands during the crisis.
Delwin Ketsian, owner and manager of DJ Garden Lodge in Arawa, said it was tough to operate alone without a man to lend support.
“It is challenging when you do not have the husband to provide security, guidance and help,” Ketsian said.
She was one of the participants in the Lukim PNG Expo in Port Moresby.
“Most of the women in Bougainville, after the crisis, suffered physically, socially, mentally and even psychologically,” she said.
“They wanted to find ways to survive with their children. For me as a widow, I understand that life too.”
Ketsian said when she started the lodge, she created employment opportunities, especially for the women.
“I see this is as God’s blessing. So the priority was given to widows, single mothers and orphans to have a job and to help them survive daily,” she said.
Her lodge in Arawa provides accommodation, conference facilities, catering, vehicle hire, airport transfers and  sight-seeing activities.
“I also provide business to locals. They sell their  arts and crafts like baskets made from bamboo canes, fans made from pandanus and coconut fronds,” she said.

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