Logistic firm wins contract to conduct aerial mapping in PNG


TRANS Wonderland (TWL) Data has been awarded a million-dollar international contract to undertake a super high-resolution 7.5 centimetre imagery and high density LiDAR over an estimated 3000 square kilometres across major urban centres in Papua New Guinea.
LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an active mapping method of generating precise and directly geo-referenced spatial information about the shape and surface characteristics of the earth.
TWL DATA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trans Wonderland Limited. It is an aerial mapping and geographical information company which provides specialised services to modernised surveying and mapping services in PNG and other Asia-Pacific countries.
TWL managing director Larry Andagali said the awarding of the contract on the back of other previous mapping contracts they had won and executed in Pacific islands had made TWL DATA a major player in the world mapping industry. It proves its capability of collecting, processing and delivering high quality mapping and GIS products of international mapping standards.
“Our twin-hole Cessna 208 aircraft, combined with the Vexcel Ultracam Eagle Digital Camera and Teledyne Optech Galaxy LiDAR sensor, means we boast the most current and advanced imaging mapping technology in the southern hemisphere,” he said.

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