Logistics firm gives K10,000 to Kokoda Track


AIRBORNE Logistics PNG has presented K10,000 to Central Side Kokoda Track Secretariat (CSKTS) to support its education sponsorship programme.
CSKTS chairman Philip Batia said people must always be given top priority in any development programmes.
“Airborne was the first organisation to support the secretariat and we are very pleased with the support,” Batia said.
“The secretariat was established to ensure maximum benefits for the Central Side Kokoda Track communities but funding was never given to us since the Kokoda Track was opened until recently, the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority was able to make available K500,000.
“We have provided a total of K70,000 in school fee assistance to Koiari students studying in tertiary institutions and also paid K186,000 to subsidise passenger freight costs for Kokoda people.
“We have also initiated milestone ward development projects and when funding is available, we are looking at investing directly to improve human livelihoods.
“We hope to continue providing school fee assistance for Koiari students and the funding is very important to assist us in driving Koiari people forward.”
Airborne Logistics chief operation officer Doug Allgood said they were grateful to come forward as partners to support Koiari students and their community about what they needed.
“As a company, we also feel obliged to the issues facing the community which we operate,” he said.
“We are empowering people of Efogi, Kokoda, Mount Koiari, Rigo, Goilala and other remote communities to venture into commercial farming to benefit for the huge economic opportunities that is available and as well, we are grateful to support the education sponsorship programme.”
He said tryhe donation was part of their community obligation which to support and give back to improve their lives.

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