Look after services: Officer


HEALTH facilities are like a mother and education facilities are like a men’s house for people in the country.
This was the message relayed to people in remote Jimi district by a health official from the Western Highlands health authority when highlighting the need to look after such life shaping investments.
Nursing officer Joe Koimi said a health centre with nurses and doctors were like mothers to everyone in the community.
“A classroom, text books and desks, with teachers in a school are the hausman, the place where good leaders are raised,” Koimi added.
“If you destroy an aid post, classroom or attack a nurse or teacher, you are touching your mother and hausman.
“Never ever destroy or touch health and education facilities and teachers, doctors and nurses. You and your children will not have a better life. Your life will be miserable.”
He urged people from remote areas to treasure health and education facilities established by the Government, missionaries and other donor agencies.
“These things are for your own good and for your children’s’ good, therefore you all have a responsibility to take ownership of them.”
Koimi, who is from Jimi, expressed the need for remote districts in the country to have better health and education services with better roads networks.
“Our district has never enjoyed any better and improved government services since independence.”

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