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THERE has been an uncontrolled movement of people from rural areas to urban centres.
This is a worrying trend where most of the young rural population has drifted to towns and cities in search of education, employment and social activities.
A good example is the movement of young people from Marawaka in Eastern Highlands to Port Moresby, Kimbe and Lae.
These young people would not have moved if basic government services were sufficiently provided.
Marawaka lacks proper roads, bridges, schools, electricity, banking services and recreational activities.
The non-existence of services has resulted in low economic activities.
For instance, in Marawaka the average per capita income of a household is K1200 to K2500 per annum.
There many people move to the cities and towns to find jobs and earn higher income.
When basic goods and services are accessible then there is no good reason to migrate to the urban centres.
When the people have transport, enjoy electricity and access to healthcare, education and economic opportunities then they will be content to remain in their rural homes.

Josaiah Sinanakoi
Markham, Morobe

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