Losing Madang provincial candidate files election petition


FORMER Defence Force Commander Major-General (retired) Jerry Singirok has filed an election petition in the National Court challenging the victory of Madang Governor Peter Yama.
Singirok alleged that there were “acts of bribery and undue influence” during the election.
“It’s important for us to go to the court of disputed returns to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Peter Yama was not duly elected,” he said.
He said the petition reference 69 of 2017 was served to Yama last Friday in Madang.
Yama has been named as the first respondent and the Electoral Commission the second respondent in the case.
Singirok is represented by lawyer Brendan Lai. The election petition will be heard by the National Court in Waigani on Oct 13.
Singirok, from Did Village on Karkar Island in the Sumkar district of Madang, contested the
provincial seat under the Pangu Pati banner.
There were 31 candidates, including two women, who contested the seat.

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