Low fee downgrades women’s event


IT was a total shock as I watched Soccer Extra and the announcement of FIFA U20 World Cup tickets going for as low as K2.
How can the local organising committee  decide to sell the tickets for a world-class event for K2?
While the intention was good (to lure the crowd), it lowers the statues of a world event and furthermore, discriminates against the womenfolk who will play the game.
Are we saying that the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup is second class?
I appeal to the organising committee to rethink the gate fees and make this game as important as any other game.
Papua New Guineans are a sport-loving people, we love our sport and selling the tickets at K2 undervalues the event.
Let us not think that people will not watch the games unless the committee has not marketed the game enough.
There are those of us outside Port Moresby who want to fly over to watch a prestigious event and it will be a mockery for a us to pay high plane fares and the pay K2 to watch a world-class event.
Let us remove the prejudice mentality that because it’s a women’s game and  people will not attend and let us strategise to market this event so that we draw crowds.
Let the PM’s XIII and the 2015 Pacific Games be examples of the type of crowds we can expect

Soccer supporter,

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