Lupari urges IRC to collect tax every year


CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari has urged the International Revenue Commission to collect the K2 billion tax incurred every year.
Lupari told IRC employees at a meeting last week that collecting at least half of that would go a long way in funding the 2017 budget.
Commissioner General Betty Palaso told The National that the K2b each year was not a permanent figure.
“It depends. Each year there are different periods which we issue assessment for corporate income tax,” she said.
“Once we issue an assessment, it becomes a tax liability so that becomes a tax debt and that includes salary, wages, Goods and Services Tax and corporate income tax.
“If we issue it in February or March, then in April there’s a whole lot of it – up to a billion or two is expected to be paid.
“But that’s based on the assessments that we raise and the information we have. The amount can be changed at any time. Once we collect it, it goes down. Then the next period we issue it, it goes up again.”
Palaso said there were taxpayers who were no longer operating but the tax debt remained in the system.
“We also have a process in which we go and check those who are not operating anymore and we just write them off,” she said.

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