Lupari wants focus on services

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CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari has challenged the heads of government departments to focus on implementing the delivery of goods and services in the supplementary budget as they prepare for the 2018 national budget.
Lupari said among the key areas being addressed was to stop “wastage and leakage” in the public service.
“What we need to do within the next few months is for each one of you to come up with implementation programmes on the areas that you want to focus on and let’s do planning, programming and costing,” he said.
“We know that we have resources constraints but that should not deter us.
“Implementation of policies is our space, not the political leaders. They have done their part by deciding the development priorities.
“The success depends on us to work together. It must be a team work while respect, trust and appreciating each other is the key for our success.”
Meanwhile, Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan said most constitutional offices were paying salaries outside the Alesco system.
He said some agencies received a separate warrant to pay personnel emoluments, and when there was not enough funds, “you start dipping into your goods and services and you run into issues”.
“I would encourage those of you paying your salaries and wages outside the government payroll system to come into the system,” he said.
Treasury Secretary Dairi Vele, while explaining the supplementary budget, said the money from operational funding should not be used to pay personnel emoluments.
“When they don’t have funding for your personnel emoluments, then you start taking money from your operations,” he said.
“If you have got the staff strength right, then you can really focus on your programmes and your operational funding.”

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