Madang ready to go to the polls


EXACTLY 288,972 people in Madang are ready to cast their votes starting next Monday, Madang election manager Peter Yasaro said yesterday.
Yasaro and his team were busy storing away ballot papers and other election materials for the province over the weekend in shipping containers in front of Jomba police station when he said that.
He said the ballot papers have been distributed to each local level government according to the number of voters in the common roll.
“Only about 10 extra ballot papers are allowed to each team to replace spoiled ones but otherwise the number of ballot papers are distributed according to the number of voters in their areas,” Yasaro said.
He said Madang electorate will start polling on Monday, July 3, followed by the other electorates.
According to the updated common roll record, the total eligible voting population for Madang electorate is 75, 520.
Madang urban has 26,058, Transgogol LLG has 11,788 and Ambenob LLG has 37,674 eligible voters registered.
In Sumkar electorate 50, 439 voters were registered to vote with 20,217 in Sumgilbar LLG and 30,222 in Karkar LLG.
Bogia has 40,297 eligible voters with 22,922 in Yawar LLG, 5574 in Iabu LLG and 11,801 in Almami LLG.
Middle Ramu has 48, 690 registered that spread through Josephstaal LLG with 12,383, Arabaka LLG with 15,476, Simbai LLG with 13,071 and Kovon LLG with 7760 voters.
The voting population for Usino Bundi is 43, 949 with 24,208 under Usino LLG, 10,720 under Bundi LLG and 9021 under Gama LLG.
Raicoast LLG has a total of 29,897 eligible voters with 18,828 in Saidor LLG, 9057 in Naho Rawa LLG and 2012 in Nayudo LLG.
Yasaro said the common roll had had minor changes to the existing names, mainly those that transferred from one location to another and those who turned 18 this year and eligible to vote.
He said Madang has 451 ward areas with 689 selected polling places and polling would be conducted within 31 days owing to the remoteness of several wards.
Yasaro said 136 polling teams were selected for Madang, with five members to a team to work under the supervision of six returning officers, 19 assistant returning officers and him as provincial returning officer.

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