Madang’s spendings to be published online


THE Madang district will have its expenditure of public funds accounted for and reported online MP  Brian Kramer says.
Kramer told The National that corruption had reached the four corners of the country, and there was some trace of it in every district.
“I want to carry out an audit of the district office and upload all transactions going forward, I want to set up a web page where all our transactions, through the district expenditure of public money, will be accounted for or reported on the page,” he said.
Kramer was motivated by many social problems he saw in communities and decided to take up politics.
“I realised that to address those problems at the bottom is to deal with the issues at the top and the highest will on the land is the political will,” he said.
“I spend a lot of time in rural communities assisting women with birth complications to hospital, dealing with youths, young kids, so I got to see firsthand the social challenges they face.
“I got to see the plight of the people firsthand and the difficulties that they faced reaching basic medical help.”
With with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the Divine Word University, Kramer is the founder of a non-governmental organisation called Youth Link.

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