Magistrate commends leaders from Hela


SENIOR Hela magistrate Vincent Taueralia commended leaders from warring clans in the province for making peace.
Taueralia praised the leaders from the Hundi, Haten and Toma clans for ending a tribal fight that claimed 22 lives.
The clans signed a peace agreement to end the fight last Sunday at Tari.
Taueralia, who has served Hela for 30 years, said that he had never witnessed such peace between tribal fighting groups in the province and throughout the Highlands region. “You are creating a history for the province by making peace,” he told the clan leaders.
“I have never seen tribal fighting groups come to a compromise to make peace,” he said.
“All I have heard and seen is retaliation and continuous killing but now you have set the foundation for the generations to come,” he said.
Taueralia said there were no winners in tribal fights which only caused pain and struggles. “By making peace you make everyone a winner in a society.
“But when you try to solve conflicts through tribal fights, there’s no win in it. Everyone is a loser. You lose lives, there is destruction to properties, families are displaced from both tribes and that makes everyone one a loser in a tribal fighting community.”
Taueralia encouraged tribes to uphold the peace agreement and also teach others to follow their example.

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