Magistrate condemns remandees who called him powerless


A Lae district court magistrate has condemned remandees at Buimo jail after he was described as powerless.
Senior magistrate Jeremiah Singomat said yesterday that the type of descriptions by the remandees were not good and asked for that to stop.
Last week some remandees from Buimo went to the Lae Court House to attend to their cases.
“While they were kept in their vehicle awaiting for their case, I walked past and some of them called after me, saying powerless,” Singomat said.
“It was really frustrating to hear this, especially from these types of people whom we are trying to help to get their cases cleared.”
He  told some of those remandees in court that such descriptions of court officials showed how primitive someone was with no respect for court officials.
Singomat said court officials, Correctional Service officers or police personnel were just doing their job to execute justice fairly and were not responsible in any way to lends the remandeesin court.
“Only people with good conscience think clearly and reason out things before saying them,” Sigomat said.
“Those saying nasty things are the ones that do not have proper minds and act like animals.”
He said he did not want such a thing to happen to him or other court officials again.

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